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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Purchasing
2. Returns
3. Shipping
4. Legal
5. Tax Info

(Section 1) Purchasing

Q. How do I pay for my purchase(s)?
A. oldcollectorcoins.com offers multiple methods of payment for your purchase(s).  No additional fees for any payment method.

1. Paypal
2. Credit Card
3. Money Order
4. Personal Check
5. Bank Draft
6. Other methods, please contact us.

Please make out any checks, money orders etc. to Old Collector Coins.
All payment methods require payment to be accepted and cleared prior to item(s) being shipped to you.

(Section 2) Returns

Q. What are the conditions for returns?
A. If for any reason you choose to return your item(s), please feel free to do so.
Contact us prior to returning your item(s). Shipping, insurance etc. is not reimbursed. Returns are required to be received no later than 7 days from the day you receive your item(s).

Mail all inquiries/returns to:
Old C.C.
PO Box 793
Richmond, IN 47375-0793

(Section 3) Shipping

Q. What options do I have for shipping and protection of my purchase(s)?
A. Shipping to the continental 48 states is free! Unless otherwise stated.

You may request extra shipping services.
1. Signature confirmation only added to orders over $200. You must sign for package.
2. Insurance - need quote based on purchase amount. Usually around $5.00-$10.00.
3. Flat-rate: $5-10. As much as we can fit in the box for you!

(Section 4) Legal Disclosure

Q. What guarantee(s) do you offer me as a valuable customer?
A. All coins sold by oldcollectorcoins.com are authentic unless otherwise stated. If we make any mistakes we will accept a return and a full refund will be issued, including any fees charged to you. When the coin(s) are received they will be authenticated/attributed by a third party before any refunds are issued if authenticity is in question.

(Section 5) Tax, TID, EIN

Q. Do I have to pay tax for my purchase(s)?
A. As of 7-1-16, no tax is due on any numismatic item(s) on this site! If you live in another state, you are not required to pay tax at this time.


Thank you for stopping by oldcollectorcoins.com we hope you enjoyed your visit.